Our Volunteers

Congregation Or Chadash Grows Because of Its Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of our Congregation. Without their help and support Congregation Or Chadash would not be the dynamic and successful organization it is today. Volunteers serve on the Board. Volunteers work on Social Action projects. Volunteers plan and organize social events such as the Purim and Chanukah parties as well as couples’ dinners and art auctions. Volunteers work on so many of our committees. Volunteers sing in the adult and youth choirs. Volunteers do so much for our Congregation!

We salute them all. We extend to them our sincerest appreciation. And we are not too shy to say that we have many more opportunities for members from all backgrounds and with all levels of experience to volunteer and contribute to the synagogue.

Board of Directors



Phil Dicken

Vice Presidents

Andrew Felrice


Karl Gussow

Secretary Karen Dean
Past president Karen Conner

Board Members at Large

Scott Chidakel
Matt Dwoskin
Rob Eisenberg
Melissa Hyman
Alex Lebedinsky
Laura Sardilli




 Committee Chairs

Oneg Coordinator Julie Swain
Or Chadash Singers Rachel Stroud-Goodrich
Religious School Howard Benowitz
Social Action OPEN
CORY President Jessica Pavelle
CORY Advisor (COC Youth Group) Laura Jackel
CORY NFTY Advisor Jamie Hendi
Jr. CORY (Congregation Or Chadash Jr. Youth Group) OPEN
Kiddish Kids (Youth Group for ages 5-9) Karl Nadler
WCOC/Sisterhood President OPEN
Membership Howard Benowitz
Dues or Tuition Relief Andrew Colby
Fundraising Coordinator Debbie Lessans
Adult Education Terri Binder, Irwin Binder
Building Administrator Ray Lessans
Ritual Committee Chair Nancy Goldspiel
Brotherhood President Phil Dicken
Adult Social Group Joe Baum
Technology Bruce Thorner, Andrew Colby
Library Committee Michael Abrahams
FOCUS Editor Debbie Eisenberg
Webmaster Marti Kerner