Adult Learning

Torah and Talmud discussion groups continue as follows:


Torah Study: Everyone is welcome. If you would like to be added to our Torah Study class list, please let the Rabbi know and you will receive any updates in advance. The passage to be discussed is always listed on a page toward the front of the Focus newsletter.

Talmud Study: Many of our laws, traditions, and rituals stem from the Talmud. This is a drop-in class, so come whenever you can. However, if you know that you might attend, please let Rabbi know (at the email above) so that she can send you the material in advance.


Previous Programs

Jews, God, and History (Not Necessarily in That Order) is a two-act work of solo theater that, through comedy and drama, looks at how modern humans live with ancient traditions. The show is about Jews—how we think, pray, eat, and vote—but not only about Jews. It explores the big questions, asked by people of all origins and beliefs: about God, faith, reason, heritage, tribe, morality. Jews, God, and History isn’t “safe.” Containing language and opinions that would have gotten you kicked out of Hebrew school, the show gets people to challenge long-held assumptions. 

Desputes: The Rabbi’s discussion group about various “disputes” that have invigorated Jewish life over the centuries is continuing on certain Fridays at 12 noon (Sept. 4 and 25, Oct. 16 and 30, and final class Nov. 6).

Tikkun Middot: This class is a Jewish mindfulness class. It offers an opportunity to slow down and look inward, both in terms of breathing and in terms of Jewish thought. We would look at our breathing and have a few Jewish quotes to ponder and discuss as well. Tikkun Middot literally means “repairing measurements,” but it really means repairing ourselves. If you are able, you would physically come to temple. If you are at work or cannot get to temple, you can join the class virtually. We encourage you to participate in every class, but you would be welcome to attend even if you cannot attend every class.

Life Cycle: Curious about Jewish life cycle and not sure where to begin? Know some basics but feel you need a refresher? Just want to further your knowledge? Join us in either or both sessions. We will explore traditions, customs, and Jewish law pertaining to Jewish life-cycle events. Session 1 focuses on birth and Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and we may begin to discuss weddings; session 2 will focus on weddings, divorces, and death.

LGBTQ+: Attend one, two, or all three sessions at this special interfaith program. We will be discussing gender and LGBTQ+ sexuality. Session 1 will focus on language and how we define or redefine LGBTQ+. Session 2 will focus on scriptural and religiously modern understandings and misunderstandings. Session 3 will focus on discrimination found within the LGBTQ+ community and our responsibilities as members within faith communities

Beginning Adult Hebrew:Always wanted to learn some basic Hebrew, but you weren’t sure how to go about it? Join our congregant Irwin Binder on Sunday mornings to learn the basics and feel more comfortable with Hebrew.

Where is God in Reform Judaism? This curriculum comes from Hebrew Union College and incorporate both video and discussion. Session 1 will focus on Biblical conceptions of God. Session 2 will focus on Rabbinical conceptions. Session 3 will focus on Medieval conceptions. And session 4 will focus on Modern conceptions. Series costs $25.00 per person. Please RSVP for this class.