Tot Time

Tot Time

Children are always welcome at Shabbat services, holiday services, and special events at Or Chadash.  But, we also want to provide some fun programs especially for our younger members and their families.  Families with children 5ish and under with their families, will enjoy this special program of socializing, art projects, story time and food! 

Mark you calendars now and please share these dates with other Jewish families you may know with younger children.  These events are open to members and non-members.

This year, we are having some Shabbat events on Saturday mornings, some on late afternoons, and some midweek events as well.  Events can only take place with enough RSVPs.


June 10, 4:30pm

July 9, 10:00am

August 18, 10:00am

Sept. 9, 4:30pm

Oct. 6, 10:00am

Nov. 12, 10:00am

Dec. 16, 4:30pm

January 5, 10:00am

Feb. 25, 10:00am

March 17, 4:30pm

 April 27, 10:00am

May 20, 10:00am


Please RSVP the Temple Administrator at