Post Confirmation

This class is combined with the Confirmation class and meets every few weeks on Sunday mornings with Rabbi Kobey. We delve into a variety of topics from a Jewish perspective, ranging from “hot” topics such as abortion, euthanasia, body-piercing, tattooing, and more. We explore God, worship, Jewish life on college campuses, cults, and more, in part depending on what are the interests from the class.

In addition to our scheduled in-person class time, our group has the opportunity to participate in a private blog with Rabbi Kobey to discuss other Jewish teen issues. Our class has fun together, learns together, and takes a field trip that rotates by year to different locations. Field trips include New York City for a weekend of fun and Jewish exploration, and the Religious Action Center in DC, where we meet Jewish teens from around the country while learning how to lobby from a Jewish perspective and what our social justice responsibilities as Jews are.