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Kosher Policy


Congregation Or Chadash Kosher Policy


Kashrut is the term applied to foods that meet Jewish religious requirements. It is used in the sense of food that is ritually clean and edible. Kasher or Kosher means fit to eat. Congregation Or Chadash asks that all people using the building or on Temple grounds, including our members, show respect to our sacred tradition; so all food served is acceptable to all of our members. Or Chadash follows Biblical Kosher rules meaning:


  • There should be no treif at all in the building (i.e. no pig and no shellfish)
  • There should be no mixing of milk and meat (includes chicken) throughout the entire event. This includes “large” or “small” ingredients. Examples include:
    • Cheeseburgers
    • Chicken dinner with rolls and butter
    • Chicken dinner with ice cream for dessert
    • A cake made with butter at a meal with meat.
  • There may not be dairy foods at one table and meat foods at a different table.
  • Pareve means something neutral, such as fish or eggs and can be served with either dairy or meat. It means the items cannot even have minor meat or milk ingredients.

(Policy clarified by Ritual Committee and placed in writing May, 2010)


For additional questions on what is or is not acceptable, please contact a member of the Ritual Committee or Rabbi Kobey at (301) 482-1025.