As Reform Jews, we believe in life-long learning. Our preschoolers meet once a month as they begin their formal Jewish education. Our K-7 students meet weekly with additional Hebrew instruction taking place a second day each week for grades 4-7. Our 8th-12th graders meet about once a month with separate classes for 8th/9th grade combined and classes for 10th-12th grade combined. We have a variety of Adult Education programs throughout the year.


Activities and Resourcres


Hebrew: http://www.behrmanhouse.com/family/register.shtml and practice Hebrew and play some games with your children to keep up their Hebrew skills!
Other On-line Resources…
Babaganewz http://www.babaganewz.com/kids
Embassy of Israel Kids Page www.israelemb.org/kids
Your Page – Jewish National Fund http://www.yourpage.org
Israel in 3D www.inisrael.com/3israel/index.html
Israel Ministry of Tourism http://www.goisrael.com/Tourism_Eng/Tourist+Information/Discover+Israel
Jerusalem On Line www.jerusalemonline.com
Knesset Virtual Tour http://www.knesset.gov.il/vtour/eng/index.htm
Children’s Learning Network http://www.akhlah.com
TorahTots http://www.torahtots.com
Holidays.net http://www.holidays.net/
Sparks Magazine http://www.sparksmag.com
Judaica for kids http://www.judaicaforkids.com
Children’s Books on Religion and Culture http://www.armory.com
Jewish Family Website http://www.jewishfamily.com
JCN’s Jewish Bedtime Stories http://www.jcn18.com
Virtual Jerusalem http://www.vjholidays.com
J Source http://www.us-israel.org/Jsource
Judaism 101 http://www.jewfaq.org
All About Judaism http://www.Judaism.About.com
My Jewish Learning http://www.myjewishlearning.com/index.shtml
Jewish and General Kids Books http://www.just-for-kids.com
What would a Mentsch do? http://www.md.org
Webcrawler for Jewish Kids http://www.webcrawler.com/kids
JTS Kids Website http://www.learn.jtsa.edu/topics/kids/
Yahoo Jewish Websites http://www.yahooligans.com/around_the_world/religion/judaism
Zig Zag World-Heb/Hol http://www.zigzagworld.com/hebrewforme