Summer Shabbat Services

June 29 7:30pm Yoga Shabbat Services – This Shabbat service will focus on chair yoga, open to all levels.  Experience prayer in a physical and spiritual way!
July 6 No Shabbat Services.  Invite some COC people to your home for a relaxing Shabbat dinner.
July 7 9:00am Shabbat Services
July 13 7:30pm Shabbat Services
July 20 7:30pm Birthday Blessings and Shabbat Services
July 27 7:30pm Outside and Bubbles Shabbat Services – Bring your own chairs or a blanket and join us outside (weather permitting).  You are also welcome to bring food, honoring our kosher policy.  We will also have a chance to play with bubbles while we pray.
Aug. 4 10:00am Shabbat Services with B’nai Mitzvah of Abby and Will King
Aug. 10 7:30pm Shabbat Services with birthday blessings and drumming Shabbat
Aug. 17 7:30pm Outside Shabbat and anniversary blessings
Aug. 24 7:30pm Visual Shabbat Services
Aug. 31 No Shabbat Services
Sept. 1 9:00am Shabbat Services with anniversary blessings
Sept. 1 6:00pm Havdallah and Selichot and challah making (okay, this is not a Shabbat service, but it will be a fun event)